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Finding an Architect or Designer in Brisbane

Finding a architect or designer to produce a design brief is one of the most critical stages building a new home or planning to renovate. At Inspired Constructions we facilitate connecting our clients with trusted architects and designers.

We have a panel of trusted designers that our clients choose from and that we have worked with over the years. We partner with them and our clients to provide information around the build ability and costing of the designs that are produced. It is through this process that we are able to marry the design to our clients’ financial needs, ensuring that the project ultimately is constructed.

Harris Designs and Communications

Established in 1990, Harris Designs and Communications offers a personal face-to-face approach to their design. They provide innovation and practical design solutions for renovations and residential projects. Their strength is in design, detailed documentation and specification to provide all information for the builder to complete the project.


YKDesigns is an award-winning firm committed to producing distinctive designs for one-off houses and renovations. With 15 years experience as a Building Designer in Queensland, Yani Koklas is known for his personal service, design and approachability.

Queensland Lifestyle Designs

Queensland Lifestyle Designs prides itself on producing good, well-resolved building design suited to the Queensland Lifestyle and climate. Mark Rowland is has experience in high-end residential houses including Mirvac’s “Cutters Landing” development in New Farm, Brisbane. Queensland Lifestyle Designs also provides constructive feedback to improve the livability and build-ability of the home with cost effective solutions/suggestions.


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How It Works

Using the collaboration between client, builder and designer, Inspired Constructions are able to ensure that communication is targeted in the correct manner. You need to be able to effectively convey what you want, and have the designer produce a design brief which realises this. The design brief acts as the reference point for all parties throughout the development and construction phases.

We can help you to determine the scope of works for the architect. What are they going to provide for you and importantly, by when?

Your architect is requested to provide a design brief. This is an outline of what you want and should be communicated both in writing and with concept sketches. It is from here you can determine how in tune the design team is with your mental concept.

There are three main areas to consider in the design of any structure – Architecture, Interior and Landscape.


This addresses the aesthetic and structural design and function of the building and allows you to determine the size and shape of the structure, where the structure faces on the site and the dimensions you require. Preferences towards contemporary or traditional designs should be expressed here along with exact living requirements. Things to think about include the size of your family, your phase of life (are you expecting to have more children? Or will your children be leaving home soon? What about grand children?). You should also consider pets, your personal temperature preferences and the climate you live in.


Interior refers to the colours and finishes you want. For example, if you are designing a new home do you want the colour palate of the interior to be matched on the exterior? Do you favour bright colours or would you prefer more hushed tones? Choose finishes which will reflect your personality and will be practical for your lifestyle.


The landscaping of a property can have a major influence on a person’s lifestyle. This requires just as much consideration as the architectural aspect of design. Perhaps you want to include a pool. Or you may have free-standing art or furniture pieces you would like to complement. Consider how much time will be spent in the garden. Decide whether you want trees, shrubs, flowers, pebbles or bricks – as some will require more maintenance than others.

During the design brief process you and your designer not only need to consider what you require in the present, but also how the design will work for you in the future. Decide if there will be any structural additions down the track. Taking this into account in the initial design and landscaping phase could save you a great deal of money.

We’ll Help You Achieve Your Dream Home With The Budget You Have

Working through your budget and creating realistic project expectations is another aspect of producing a design brief. Although you may have a lot of ideas on how you want the design to look and feel, these may not necessarily be achievable, or affordable. Do not be afraid to ask how much things cost. In some cases you may be willing to spend more on certain areas to achieve your final objective, and in other cases it may not be worth it. Whatever you do, do not overcapitalise and get yourself in debt for no reason.

At this time the design brief may seem like a lot of work but you don’t need to make any final design decisions here. It is your prerogative to change your mind as much as you like during these initial stages. Your designer has the knowledge and ability to take these initial ideas and create a functional space within your budget.

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