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Soil Tests – Do you really need one?

If you are buying land, building a house, looking at a major renovation or anything structural, it is critical that a soil test is undertaken prior to beginning the planning stage. This simple step is crucial to know what conditions the structure must be founded in and can quickly clarify costs for the project. Scenario: […]

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Modern House Designs – custom home build finished!

Upper Brookfield new home builder matrix panel

Gio Silanesu, director of Inspired Constructions is proud, inspired, and quietly envious to be handing over another successful build. The Brisbane based building company has recently completed a new home in Upper Brookfield. Located 20kms of Brisbane CBD, the home offers 374 square metres of open living and absolutely gorgeous views to the owner’s property. […]

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Windows in Showers. Hidden problems for new homes and bathroom renovations

Over the past few years it has been a growing trend to see windows in showers. But with this trend there are some underlying building issues that need to be considered so as to avoid long term pain and costly rectification.

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Sub-dividing Land in Brisbane’s Inner City

Brisbane inner city workers cottage

Following on from the theme of small lot housing in my last blog post, I thought that I would focus on subdivision of inner city land. Brisbane is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia and as a result we are in need of developing land that is central to the infrastructure already built, […]

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Narrow Lot and Small Lot Homes In Brisbane

Winsome - Narrow Lot House

As Brisbane expands and infrastructure becomes more strained and traffic becomes more congested, the need for small or narrow lot housing in the inner city is becoming more apparent. The challenge when contemplating this style of build is getting a balance between space and efficient narrow block housing designs. It is critical to the character of Brisbane’s inner city suburbs that the houses that are being built for these needs become the new enhanced character of the area rather than a blight that will mark the period of time that they were built.

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Here is why Pizza is like Building a Home

As I sit here at Southbank eating one of the best pizzas I have ever had outside of Italy, I am reminded of why a tried and true process is most always best. This pizza has 5 ingredients: perfect pizza dough, pancetta, tomato base, buffalo mozzarella and rosemary. As I eat it the saltiness of the pancetta is softened by the punch of the rosemary. These are tied together by the tomato ragu and buffalo cheese. For texture the beautiful pizza base is crunchy and at the same time delicate in its flavour. Combined they make for a mouth wateringly beautiful experience that is more about stimulating the senses than about feeding and sustaining a hungry body. These ingredients alone would be good but combined they explode in your mouth. They required true talent to put them together in the right sequence to make for a magic outcome. Would I pay good money for this again? You bet.

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