Modern house design - Inspired Constructions custom home build finished
Find out has gone into this modern house design ...

Modern House Designs – custom home build finished!

Upper Brookfield new home builder matrix panel

Gio Silanesu, director of Inspired Constructions is proud, inspired, and quietly envious to be handing over another successful build.

The Brisbane based building company has recently completed a new home in Upper Brookfield. Located 20kms of Brisbane CBD, the home offers 374 square metres of open living and absolutely gorgeous views to the owner’s property.

The entry to the home starts at the Alpine natural granite dry-stone wall, travertine natural stone floor, moving to a large pivot front door. This leads into the gorgeous satin-finish turpentine timber flooring and matrix panel feature walls. These feature walls have been built to run to the outside of the house which actually gives it a connection to the outside environment. These walls are painted in a rust effect paint that creates an authentic rusted iron finish.

new-home-upperbrookfield-drystonewall (640x426)

Click here to see photos and details of materials used. It’s also a great place to start if you’re looking for house designs.

With corner sliding doors recessing inside the walls and picture-frame windows, the whole space can be opened up like a big outdoor/indoor room. Over-sized double-hung windows and floor-to-ceiling louvres are featured throughout the home providing light and warmth in the cooler months, as well as proving an outstanding aesthetic and energy efficient feature to the home.

Gio’s favourite part of the house? “At every angle or position in the home, the beautiful outdoor environment is not only visible but is part of how you live and feel in the house.”

Another great feature, and one that didn’t come with its share of interesting conversations, is the window that takes up the full wall of the shower. This brings in great natural lighting to the bathroom.

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