The Need For Small or Narrow Lot Housing
Learn more about building a home for a narrow or small lot.

Narrow Lot and Small Lot Homes In Brisbane

Winsome - Narrow Lot House

As Brisbane expands and infrastructure becomes more strained and traffic becomes more congested, the need for small or narrow lot housing in the inner city is becoming more apparent. The challenge when contemplating this style of build is getting a balance between space and efficient narrow block housing designs. It is critical to the character of Brisbane’s inner city suburbs that the houses that are being built for these needs become the new enhanced character of the area rather than a blight that will mark the period of time that they were built.

What would you rather come home to? A home that is inviting and that makes you proud to entertain or a home that is basic and lacking in feature and warmth? The reality is that there is not much difference when it comes to price. As a social experiment we built a small lot spec home in 2013 and focused on ensuring the home was full of feature and warmth.

With small lot homes there are a number of restrictions to be overcome, side setbacks, the capacity to have double car accommodation under roof, and maximising the limited space on the block. We came up with a design that met all of those needs and created real architecture and warmth as well. When we were building the home we had feedback from the local agents that we were over capitalising the home and that we would not see a return when we sold the property.

External Winsome Narrow Lot Home

The opposite occurred. The property had 4 offers at the 1st open home and the first offer provided was accepted at $10,000.00 over the asking price. We made more than our margin and the purchaser got a home they were happy to come home to. (A side note I received a call from the bank valuer who commended our efforts with the home. Our purchaser had no issues getting the finance.)

This home will be a long standing testament that will raise the values in the area rather than lower them and will serve the needs of the client.

I believe we need more of that type of housing rather than some of the butter boxes that we see dotted around the place.