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Here is why Pizza is like Building a Home

As I sit here at Southbank eating one of the best pizzas I have ever had outside of Italy, I am reminded of why a tried and true process is most always best.
This pizza has 5 ingredients: perfect pizza dough, pancetta, tomato base, buffalo mozzarella and rosemary. As I eat it, the saltiness of the pancetta is softened by the punch of the rosemary. These are tied together by the tomato ragu and buffalo cheese. For texture the beautiful pizza base is crunchy and at the same time delicate in its flavour. Combined they make for a mouth wateringly beautiful experience that is more about stimulating the senses than about feeding and sustaining a hungry body. These ingredients alone would be good but combined they explode in your mouth. They required true talent to put them together in the right sequence to make for a magic outcome.
Would I pay good money for this again? You bet.

There is no difference between this pizza a home renovation, home extension or building a new house (metaphorically speaking). You need the correct ingredients.

  • A healthy dose of vision for what you want to create
  • Concept house designs for the project
  • A budget cost analysis
  • Town planning considerations
  • Finalised floor plans for the project
  • Soil tests
  • Engineering
  • Building approvals
  • Product and finishes specification
  • Final cost analysis.

Now that we have all of the correct ingredients we need the correct process to put them together in the correct sequence, a bit like a recipe for the pizza. This is where you need the talent part of the recipe. If you add the talent of a proven Construction Manager who will work with an Architect or a Designer, and that is willing to take the time at the beginning of the design stage, to plan and manage the project from design through to completion, you will turn this from a pizza that is bland and tasteless to an eye popping adventure full of joy and excitement. Where the end product – your home – is not only constructed well but is on time, on budget, and in tune with all of your needs. This process is where you collaborate with a team to get a result that is better than even you could have imagined.

So what would you prefer in your new home? The run-of-the-mill design and construction that leaves you a little underwhelmed? Sure it is shelter but it’s not a home that fills your life with excitement and adds to your living experience because it has been carefully considered and planned especially for you. I know which pizza I will be going back for.
At Inspired Constructions we can help you through this process and we make great pizzas.
Call us at Inspired Constructions on 1300 300 463.

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