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Inspired Constructions are one of the leading renovations and home extension builders in Brisbane. We specialise in all aspects of building project management and will handle your home renovation or extension professionally with a commitment to quality in every detail.
When considering renovating or extending your house, there are a range of questions that come up such as …


    • Should you renovate and/or extend your existing home?
    • How much is it going to cost to add another level to your home?
    • Or is it more cost-effective to replace your home with a new home?

These are the questions that we at Inspired Constructions are often asked.

The answer is not a simple one. However, as a house renovations and extensions builder we are here to help you. There are a number of factors to consider with renovating or extending your home:
Do you want to raise your home and build in underneath?

1. If you are working to a specific budget then try to keep the lower floor directly under the upper floor. If you extend out past this then you will have roofing costs that would not required when you follow the upper foot print of the house.

2. How much work needs to be done to level out under the house?

3. What style are you going to create to this area? Will it be traditional like VJ boards or more modern with plasterboard finishes?
Do you want to add another level to the top of your home?

1. Do you have the engineering for the home? If not, how old is the home, as this might have a bearing on the quality of the foundations.

2. Get a soil report for your home or property so that the engineer can use this to determine quickly if there are going to be any issues with the design.

3. How big is the upper floor going to be? Try to keep the upper floor bearing on the outer walls of the lower floor so that the loads are transferred where all of the engineered structure is.

4. What style are you going to make the new addition? Are you going to change the look of the whole house by modernising the cladding (i.e., go to a rendered finish from weather boards). This might add to the overall costs of the home.

5. If working on a tight budget try to keep to the same theme as the original part of the house.

At Inspired Constructions, we specialise in all aspects of building project management, therefore, we can help you through your decision-making process for your home renovation or extension.

With over 20 years experience with home extensions and building renovations in Brisbane, Inspired Constructions are the builders you can trust for quality results with your project. All house extensions and renovations projects are fully costed at concept stage so that we can work to your budget and needs.

You can also be confident your building or renovation project will be completed on time as we guarantee start and finish dates or we pay you!

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